I mentioned Kirkpatrick www.kirkpatrickpartners.com
below. They’re the kings of training evaluation; they’ve been the industry
standard since the late 50s. Trainers HAVE to understand their approach. One pearl
of theirs: begin with the end in mind. Know what training outcomes you want
before you design the training. So often trainers want to jump in and start
creating training.

For training to be effective, i.e. something the Cs are
willing to pay for*,   you have to be able to prove it’s working, for
us when training works, the 3 Ps – people productivity profit – grow.


Thanks to the current uber-productive Kirkpatrick Jr. and
his cheerleading wife, no one has to struggle to figure out how to effectively
measure training. They share their free resource library which includes Power
Points, recorded webinars, hours of reading material, provided you follow a few
simple guidelines. Register at www.kirkpatrickpartners.com
to access all of their resources, which they are INCREDIBLY generous to
provide. I fell in love with their Hybrid Course Evaluation Form. It’s
absolutely brilliant and perfect and is making me look good. Great resource. Let
me know what you think of it.


BOOK CLUB READING FOR JAN/FEB Kirkpatrick’s Transferring
Learning to Behavior This book takes on this age-old challenge, first examining
why learned concepts don’t make it into practice, then offering solutions that
will work in the real world. Co-author James Kirkpatrick, a training
practitioner, introduces five prerequisites that help an organization achieve
ultimate training success. He includes practical examples from his own work,
plus 12 best-practice case studies.

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