Why Call Center Partners Provide Exceptional Call Center Supervisors

Friendly 86x134 Why Call Center Partners Provide Exceptional Call Center SupervisorsFor a senior executive looking to grow the management staff of his call center, there’s nothing that sinks a ship faster than employing the wrong leaders. You need managers that can hit the ground running and impact the performance of agents quickly. The hiring decision is critical and has lasting ramifications. Unsuccessful management hires today lead to failing new hires tomorrow. Bringing in the wrong managers not only puts your supervision behind; it causes setbacks with your agents as well.

Often, the best choice is to outsource your call center to a third party and let their supervisors run the show. Outsourcing is not for every company. But if you don’t want to deal with supervisors and reps, then it could most certainly be for you. Here are three reasons why outsourcing your call center to a partner might bring you better supervision:

1.            Management must see the center as a place of creativity.

If your candidate sees the contact center as just another department within the organization, then he may not be the right fit. The contact center thrives on people and emotions to accomplish goals. A leader who understands this is one who can take the center to the next level.

2.            Managers must look to accept responsibility for the team’s performance.

There are several individuals in the call center who may be responsible for performance. Recruiters, trainers, team leads, agents, etc. But only one person has the true responsibility. If management fails to recognize that “the buck stops here,” then that philosophy will trickle down to each level of performer, and a mentality based on the “it’s not my fault” mantra will stunt your center’s growth.

3.            Managers must see value of communication feedback in operating culture.

The right manager recognizes the importance of open communication. Permanent and creative channels that agents are comfortable with and that encourage open feedback build a powerful environment. I’ve consulted with organizations who host “town hall” meetings several times a year, and others that don’t. The difference is clear. The simple gesture of holding a town hall meeting, and dozens of others like it, create a culture of feedback that employees cherish.

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