Things To Do Around The Contact Center

Have fun, be creative, take the workplace to another level. Be the best creator and imagineer you can be. Don’t let your ideas ever wane.  What inspiration’s live in your call center?  What steps can you and your management teams introduce to drive creative ideas in your center?  List your ideas and share them with the rest of your peers.  Here are some of ours:

  • Create a team game. Hide gifts around the call center. Provide weekly clues as to what the gift might be and where it could be stashed. Of course, clues can be earned based on performance, or, instead of giving out clues each week your management team can surprise agents with pop-quizzes. Those who excel get a clue. Make the prizes worth hunting for. And play a game consistently, at least quarterly and preferably, once a month.
  • Establish a department newsletter. Include a featured article, birthday and anniversary news, upcoming events, product training, pictures and feedback about your business. Make the newsletter simple or glamorous, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that it is produced consistently, and is both informative and entertaining. A department newsletter is a terrific way to communicate with your agents and impart important information. Use your department Intranet to post past and present newsletters, and both hardcopy and email methods for distribution.
  • Host once-a-month roundtable sessions with your agents. Invite them to communicate their thoughts. Ask for feedback on any issue they’d like to address. Communicate new product information and industry news. Use handouts.
  • Display the employee suggestion box you’ve always meant to put out but never got around to, and make sure your agents know where to find it.
  • Here’s an out-of-the-box idea: Allow agents the opportunity to email suggestions and feedback anonymously from a general email address set up for exactly that purpose, and available from any terminal. That way, agent-management feedback is increased in a simple, user-friendly manner, and the old-fashioned suggestion box goes the way of the, well, the old-fashioned suggestion box.
  • Subscribe to two or three magazines that influence your business. There are hundreds of trade journals and consumer magazines covering topics which can help your agents shine. Place the magazines in an easy-to-find part of the call center. Distribute photocopies of key articles at meetings and at the start of a workday. Highlight important information.

Every new day opens up a wealth of possibilities for your agents and your contact center. Each day allows your business to build on past successes. All employees want a fun and motivational approach to work. Give it to them. Think creatively. The whole day is in front of you.

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