Remember, Every Day is a New Beginning…It’s Time to Motivate Your Agents

Each day is the start of something new in your call center. Build a welcoming environment. Play some games. Teach. Motivate your agents. Remember, a new day brings new ideas, and new opportunities for success. Get your staff together, grab a white board, and get the creative juices flowing. Your agents and the people they interact with will be happy you did. Here are 4 simple ideas, put a little effort into it and recognize how critical it is to inspire employees.


·      Ask your agents for input about the physical look and feel of your contact center. It’s their work space, and they might as well be comfortable. Agents know what helps stimulate their focus. They know what motivates them to do their best. Perhaps they’ll ask for pictures, posters, windows, a fresh paint job, even new lighting. Better elevator music perhaps. Do what you can for your staff now, and put the rest in the drawer for future use.

·      Present each agent with a personalized nameplate. Engrave the company and department name along with the agent’s on the plate. Professional sports teams are on the ball with this idea. They show a personal touch by placing a shiny engraved nameplate right on chair of their season ticket holders, with a nice surcharge tacked onto the cost of the duckets, of course. The technique works in the call center too. It gives agents ownership value. Let them decorate the plate to brand it as their own. In fact, management can make each plate a gift to an agent, or distribute them to agents to mark their anniversaries with the company. The power of the gift works wonders.

·      Put together a department talent show. Group agents into teams and have them coordinate a show, which might take place at the end of the company’s first quarter. Base the show on themes relevant to your business. Have fun with the event; make it as real as possible, with food, judges and costumes.

·      Money motivates, even when it’s not real! Distribute play money for good deeds, and prepare a reimbursement system for prizes. Use the fake dough to reward a particularly good customer interaction, a quality report, an extra effort, and for agents who work overtime to accomplish an assignment. Have the management team design currency that represents the passion and environment which embodies your contact center. Put executives’ mugs in the middle of a bill in place of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln. Your agents will love it.

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