Call Center In-House Vs Outsource: Company Culture

What are the impacts on company culture?

In some cases, outsourcing might be viewed as a wise use of resources. Contact center activities might not be in alignment with your company’s core competencies. Internally, your company may lack a leader passionate enough about controlling the lead conversion process to support an internal contact center. Our clients point out that, while outsourcing may be a relief to certain managers, it may be viewed negatively by investors or by employees.

Investing in your own people and developing their skills can be seen as a good morale booster – especially with today’s economy. Selecting internal employees to develop into contact center reps can be seen as a career growth opportunity for some of your best people. Investing in the development of your own people will more likely provide more long-term, positive impact on your business than investing in the development of an outsource team. Investing in your own people builds trust as well.  They will usually reciprocate with loyalty, increased productivity, and general positive interactions with both internal and external customers.

Deciding between in-sourcing or outsourcing your contact center is an important choice. The decision depends, among other things, on your financial resources, core competencies, existing employee resources, and company culture. Based on your company’s growth cycle, the best choice may change in the future.

If you like the idea of an in-source call center but do not want to undertake the startup investment, you might consider a virtual, distributed call center. Your leadership team should have a healthy discussion around five main considerations above.  Here are some additional considerations:

Is it important for your company to make an emotional connection and start building a relationship with each prospect on the initial contact? Can an outsourcer do this?

Can a third-party with a database interact as fluently with prospects as your own employees?

Do a higher percentage of callers show up for appointments when your own employees share their excitement about your offering than when an outsource agent sets the appointments?

Will the sharing of outsource agents with other businesses hurt your results?

Will the high turnover of agents in outsource call centers hurt your results?Call Center 3 Book Picture Call Center In House Vs Outsource:  Company Culture

Is it important for you to hear what your customers are asking for and talking about?

Call Center Today often advocates in-sourcing. We believe that, if you can drive culture, training, management practices, and performance, you are almost always better off doing it yourself. Some organizations can’t meet those objectives, and need to outsource. In that case, the next step is to find the right third party to facilitate the project.

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