Call Center In-House vs Outsource: Customer Experience

The initial contact is the beginning of a trust and empathy building process. While most of our clients prefer to keep appointment-setting within their own control, some are so frustrated with their prior efforts that they are willing to cede this important function to an outsourcer.

With the ability to share database information, outsourcers have much of the information required to solve your clients’ needs. Still it is frustrating to your callers when an agent is unable to answer simple questions without pausing (often placing your clients on hold) to search a database. Even after such delays, an outsource agent is often unable to answer simple questions regarding amenities, services, location, neighborhood, or other factors that someone personally familiar with your business would readily know.

At Call Center Today, many of our clients feel that they get more consistent results from their own people than from an ever-changing pool of reps at an outsource contact center. However high your own employee turnover, the typical outsource call center’s is much higher.

Of course, your own contact center can also frustrate callers. How many of calls go to voicemail? How many go altogether unanswered? More training and better quality control can solve many internal issues. Designation of a few of your best appointment-setters as representatives of your distributed call center can solve the problems of local knowledge and quick response.

Which is more efficient?

Outsourcing can free up supervisory and employee time and reduce the attention and training you would normally invest in developing the skills of your own people. If your team has not produced good results under your management, it might make sense for you to outsource. But, consider whether it is advisable for you to give up these core skill sets and depend, entirely, on another company’s employees to handle your leads. Finally, study your outsource contract carefully. Minimum or maximum monthly fee might help or hurt you.

With proper training and supervision, in-sourced contact center reps can provide efficient and effective response to varying call levels. Because they are your employees, you can reassign them to other roles as needed. Reps who handle inbound calls can also make outbound calls. It may surprise you to learn that even an outsource call center misses calls. Sometimes, many calls.

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