Two Special Ways To Nail Call Center Compensation

Make Necessary Changes To Compensation.

Creating a new call center compensation agreement involves creating change.  From one plan to the next, agents must change their mindset and personal goals to meet new objectives.  Because change is considered by many to be unfriendly anyhow, change involving the way one gets paid accentuates agents’ concerns.  If the compensation plan penalizes agents in comparison to what they had before, they feel this is retribution, and turmoil ensues.  They want to know why the plan has penalized them.  They want to know 101 Lessons Cover 192x300 Two Special Ways To Nail Call Center Compensationwhy they should continue to perform at the same level, or even a higher level, when they are being paid less. They want to know how management developed this new plan, and during what timeline management may change it again.  The truth is that management almost never changes compensation plans to give their agents more money.  They may change a plan because goals have changed.  Or they may change a plan to reduce the level of income attainable.  But agents and management recognize that changing compensation plans always has some sort of “dent” involved.  It may be a change in policy or a change in payment, or a reduction in money or a change in payable terms, etc.  When management makes changes, it is nearly always not to the benefit of their agents.

Change The Measurements, If Needed.

Instead, a change in measurements is what gets the most attention. If the change in measurements clearly is one that the agents feel negatively impacts them, then agents begin asking questions to themselves and their supervisor. Why are you not paying us for something you used to pay us for?  Why are you paying us for areas that are out of our control?  Why are you changing the requirements for pay?  Why do you feel a need to change measurements?

Building Retention Through Compensation – Recap!

1. It can be an emotional, but sometimes essential, task to create new pay agreements.

2. Compensation plans can create success or failure for a call center.

3. Take your agents into consideration when creating a new plan.

4. First and foremost, consider the best plan as a whole, which will keep profits coming.

5. New compensation plans must motivate agents to do well or the company suffers.

6. Do not pay above budget or jeopardize your bottom line with a new agreement.

7. Make sure agents do not feel you are “penalizing” them with the changes.

8. Properly explain how and why things must change, without causing fear.

9. Beware of changes in measurements that may leave agents feeling confused or angry.

10. Be sure that you only change compensation based on areas agents can control.

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