Don’t Become Emotional When Managing Your Call Center Reps

If the call center consisted of robots and computers, emotions wouldn’t play any factor.  As much as managing robots and computers would make the life of a supervisor much simpler, it doesn’t happen that way.  Unfortunately, robots are not very friendly, personable or persuasive. Rarely could a robot make a sale. Only a human agent can successfully reach out and appeal to a customer’s emotions with their genuine enthusiasm and perceptiveness. So as it turns out, people manage people — and emotions are the barometer that sets the table. Emotions impact everything in the call center.

The call center, to function in a superior way, must be understood first as an emotional medium.  Perhaps you have peers around you today who see the call center as a statistical world, a business world, and a production or service world. Those folks miss the boat.  You Call Center 3 Book Picture Dont Become Emotional When Managing Your Call Center Repsneed to show them why.  Those folks try to hold their agents to textbook standards, even if it means ignoring every aspect of human emotions.  Those folks haven’t understood how superior communication culture in any industry, from sports to sales to member service, makes operations thrive.  They don’t see why sports teams win fifteen games in a row, and why sports teams lose fifteen games in a row.  They don’t recognize how truly emotional the world of the call center is for the participants who are responsible to ensure the call center expands and breaks performance goals.

We can take an example from professional athletics to understand how emotions challenge and impact communication culture in the call center.  In professional athletics, emotions encompass a huge part of the playing experience.  Players channel their positive emotions to give them second efforts on the court.  When a basketball team scores 12 straight points and they are on a roll, they continue to channel their emotions forward because of their adrenaline.  The crowd keeps them pumped up.  They feel good.  Their head coach implores them to keep pushing, keep winning, keep trying, and players take the encouragement most readily because they are winning. Similarly, the call center dynamic is affected by environment as well. Engaged consumers motivate the agents, as does coworkers with positive attitudes and managers with positive feedback. And let’s not forget: nothing beats the adrenaline of a successful sales call!

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