How To Involve Agents In Your Call Center

Make no mistake about the fact that having proven management, guidelines, policies, and a successful track record can make all the difference in the effort to retain contact center agents.  Consistency is extremely important.  New contact centers that begin their operations correctly can display a proven track record through the people who relish their jobs.  Veteran contact centers that have never done their job right may never be able to show their employees a proven track record, regardless of years spent trying.  This lack of consistency and success stands out when new agents apply for positions.

Often times those agents that accept contact center work need flexibility, and those contact centers that provide flexibility come off as big winners.  Agents typically are like any other people—they want to grow, mature and prosper as well. The contact center that blends all of this comes out ahead.

So, what are ways to involve your agents in your call center?

Create a series of committees or teams on different elements of your contact center.  These may include the culture team; ongoing training team; compensation assessment team; quality scores team; etc. etc.  Get involvement from groups, either volunteer groups or those selected by their peers.
Encourage a very innovative communication process for suggestions or to placate concerns.  Try to have quarterly ALL meetings and more regular mini-meetings.  And, use web-forms and anonymous email addresses for agents to voice ideas.  Even the traditional SUGGESTION BOX is spectacular because it provides the forum, whether used or not.

Use focus groups and round-tables to dig deeper.  Invite selected agents to meet and talk.  Give them the forum.
Do surveys.  Use the web and traditional copy.  Get your audience (in this case your agents), to become involved in thinking along with you

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