Sell Better On The Phone By Controlling Tone

We have all been in the same situation at one time or another:  A classroom… a large class… a dull professor.  The question to ask is: “What makes the professor dull?”  The same things that make a professor dull oftentimes make a TSR dull.  The most common reason professors are dull is that the subject matter is boring.  Perhaps the students have little or no interest in the subject matter, and they project their lack of interest to the professor. (This also explains why some students think a professor is better than others think he is.)

Another reason professors are dull is because they, as repeaters of the same subject class after class, week after week, month after month, and year after year, have lost the pizzazz to deliver successful lectures.  Although the students are hearing a particular lecture for RUPS Photo Sell Better On The Phone By Controlling Tonethe first time, professors transfer their boredom to the students in quite the same way the students project their boredom onto their professors.

Clearly, the jobs of TSRs and professors, in these instances, are analogous.  TSRs can fall upon the trap of complacency and forget that each customer is hearing the presentation for the very first time.  TSRs oftentimes can’t comprehend why a customer doesn’t understand a point, only to realize that the customer hasn’t heard this point as strongly and persuasively as the last customer heard it.  Conversely, customers can become quickly indifferent to the subject matter the TSR is delivering, and may project this indifference upon the TSR, although the TSR has had little or no opportunity to rescue the presentation.

In order to keep the above situations from occurring and to increase the odds of successful telephone sales presentations, TSRs must pay close attention to Tone, Pace, Inflection and Melody at the right moments and in the correct ways. Presentations that might not be moving in the desired direction often turn around completely with proper use of tone, pace, inflection and melody.  Finally, sentences will become more defined, clearer, and make more of an impact on the customer.

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