Creating An Amazing Call Center Culture

Don’t just know the concepts: Execute them!

Most call center managers understand the concepts of what they must accomplish.  They recognize the reasons why agents don’t perform to standards.  They are able to articulate the theories as to what must be done to create opportunities.  Yet, due to dozens of factors, those same managers don’t have the time, energy or ability to take these concepts and bring them to fruition.  They know the concepts.  They have no ability to execute the actions.

Call center management is principally a compilation of theories and practicality.  Whether you supervise five agents or 205 agents, the ebb and flow of daily operations involves a little bit of theory and quite a bit of implementation. Twenty-five percent of a world class supervisor’s job is based on understanding the philosophies and theoretical foundation of management.  This 25% involves spending time away from the main floor thinking about the job, and about ways to increase performance levels; 75% of the job is doing: rolling up the sleeves and taking action by managing the agents who work the front lines.  A call center supervisor can become quite polished at being great at the 25% of the job.  But the supervisor will win or lose based on his ability to perform the 75% of his job at a spectacular pace.

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