Your Call Center Requires A Better Communication Culture

The foundation of any call center operation begins and ends with the establishment and execution of a first-rate communication culture.

A world-class communication culture will bring your call center the best of success, specifically the main floor; the place where your agents conduct their daily work. The reasons why call centers falter are not because the agents are not motivated, or because the supervisors are green, or because the compensation plan isn’t proper. Those are the effects from a particular cause. That cause is a fundamental lack of communication culture within the call center.

Communication culture involves every aspect of management and agent performance.  Imagine communication culture as an overriding tenet of philosophies and practices that forms the foundation for everything that happens in the call center. It structures agents and supervisors on a daily basis; it builds sales and customer service performance; it compels opportunities for feedback and growth; it overcomes roadblocks that invariably arise on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

Everything that operates in the call center begins and functions through communication culture. There is no question that every call center has some form of communication culture. Most probably, it’s not the culture management wants. Or it may be the culture they want but not the culture they need. Management must recognize that a communication culture of some type exists in the call center today. The objective is to turn that communication culture into a world class dynamic.

Question:  What type of communication culture do you have in your contact center?  And, how would you like it to be different?

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