2 Steps To Killing Sales On The Phone

As we have undoubtedly discovered, in the course of a telephone sales presentation there are many roads for the TSR and the customer to embark upon.  These roads are very similar to the roads which each of us take each day in the performance of our daily activities.  From the moment a person awakes in the morning until that person lays down to sleep at night, the whole day is full of roads that incorporate twists, turns, obstacles and barriers.

Encounters that start at one level eventually conclude at another, but the path we take on a daily basis is never consistent or even as we envisioned it would be.  The course of a telephone sales presentation mimics the above in every way.  From the moment a TSR dials the telephone, through the instant of communication and until the telephone call is terminated, every step of the way is charted through multiple roads, full of twists, turns, obstacles and barriers.  These roads are called telephone presentation levels, because each step in a telephone sales presentation moves that call forward and backward through multiple presentation levels.  Presentation levels form the path that a TSR takes to complete his sale.

An outstanding telephone sales presentation is very much similar to a great race through a maze.  If the TSR is good at his job he will be able to figure out what he wants to accomplish and where he needs to go, both prior to the beginning of the telephone presentation and then through its inception and on to its conclusion.  In effect, a TSR making a presentation is similar to that of a mouse avoiding land traps as the mouse maneuvers his way around a house.  The mouse is the TSR while the house is a telephone sales presentation.  Things look promising if the mouse has the ability and knows what he is doing.  However, it’s quite a long way from one end of the house to the other and, unfortunately for both the mouse and the TSR, getting caught is never a good thing.

Presentation Levels In A Telephone Call Are Infinite

Each call has its own number of presentation levels.  Some telephone calls that last ten minutes or so may span twenty or thirty presentation levels, while other calls may on encounter only five or six.

Perseverance of Presentation Levels Completes Sales

The TSR must never give up on a telephone sales call.  Because 80% of all sales are completed by only 20% of all sales reps, those 20% have demonstrated that consistent pursuing pays dividends.

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