A Program To Make Culture Work In Your Contact Center

Do you feel that your call center lacks an introductory game plan each day?  If you or your supervisors don’t have a solid plan to keep your agents motivated and focused, then you are probably failing to do all you can do to affect performance, and retention.

For instance, I once worked with a call center where two hundred and fifty agents began their day at 6:30am.  At 6:30am, I would walk the call center floor and see four Call Center 3 Book Picture A Program To Make Culture Work In Your Contact Centersupervisors in one office, two supervisors in the break room, forty-five agents on the telephone, seventy-eight agents late or not at work, one hundred agents in the break room and rest rooms, and two supervisors on the floor working hard.  In essence, supervision didn’t start the call center game properly, and their agents followed suit.  It was very disorienting…

Imagine a restaurant where you seat yourself but no waiters come by to serve you, or a restaurant where you try to serve yourself at the buffet table but there is no food to be had.  Imagine an airplane full of passengers while the pilots are in the employee lounge, or a stadium packed with fans while security and employees are late for work and just beginning to organize their duties.

It really doesn’t matter how large your call center is.  You may employ seven agents or seven hundred. The communication presented to call center agents in the first thirty minutes of their day will set the stage for the rest of the day.  The best boss I ever had came into my office at the start of every day and gave me a rousing welcome.  He knew that if I felt good about what I was doing, my agents would feel good about what they were doing.  And he recognized that if he got me off to a rousing start, I would project that enthusiasm to my agents so they could get off to a rousing start, too.  When that boss failed to come into my office every day to keep me motivated, I began to stop motivating my own employees.  He fell into bad habits, and so did I.  In turn, so did my agents.  The first thirty minutes of any day is critical.  Check back all week long for five ways to make those first thirty minutes work for you.

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