Nurture Every Lead To Convert More Of Them To Customers

The key in the process of converting leads to clients is recognizing that the lead needs to be nurtured by your organization to convert more of them to customers.  Do not continue to waste your front-end advertising dollars to attract qualified leads if your company is not Friendly 86x134 Nurture Every Lead To Convert More Of Them To Customersready to manage the lead, compel it to a decision, and convert it to a customer.  Attracting, say, 1,000 leads each month, selling 10% and wasting 900 leads from your advertising dollars, is a path you do not want to take.Converting leads to clients are based on multiple touches using multiple channels in a coordinated approach to drive revenue and profits.

It is the methodology to build and drive the vision and tactics of your inside sales business unit.  Who, what, where, when, how, why.  Reaching your audience, delivering compelling messages, and so forth.

Building a program (selling a product or targeting a group)  Find those groups of leads that need to touched, and say hello!

Targeting your customers with “multiple touches” to drive retention.  How often do you want to nurture their interest in your company?

Using channels to communicate.  What different channels (all priced affordably) work for you?  Email, direct mail, telephone, text messaging, etc.

Developing creative.  Brochure, letters, scripts, postcards, etc.

Building an action/offer program that motivates action.  Very important to buy their behavior by enticing their interest.

Outlining the campaign duration. How long does each campaign run?

Following up.  Who is going to ensure your lead is touched enough times to justify whether it is a buying lead or an inquiring lead?

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