How To Become A Great Call Center Manager

A Well-Thought Out Plan Is Important For GREAT Contact Center Management

When developing great call center managers, it is important to recognize the different buckets that go into the process. Manager skills fall into buckets. Tackle buckets from a strategic standpoint and then build skills and tactics that apply. For instance, we teach that great call center managers must understand infrastructure. The infrastructure must be created. Infrastructure is a bucket. The work should be implemented within the infrastructure. So often managers don’t succeed because they don’t have infrastructure. Infrastructure could include building a training university; designing dynamite reporting to support management of agents and representatives with data; consistency in rolling out learning, motivation or goal setting, managing skills–and more.

How to become a GREAT Call Center Manager? Focus on the buckets. Maybe there is a culture bucket; a feedback bucket; a low performer bucket. The programs live within the buckets. Infrastructure is a critical bucket. Great call center managers either build infrastructure and programs or they manage staff. Rarely are they good at both. Managers that supervise staff must have infrastructure and work within it. Otherwise, they become frustrated, inconsistent, confused. And, so do their employees. Your company should build the infrastructure; and give your managers the tools. Then, managers can execute.

One of the first things to do is build everything you need in that phase #1. If a company skips the phase #1, they will never get the call center manager to do the right things. Phase #1 is literally the business plan for operating the call center. It is the rationale, budget, production, road-map, and step by step direction. Get the phase #1 correct first, and then the actual managing of the contact center falls right into place. Once the phase #1 is done the manager will have the game plan to implement.

In order to build a phase #1 follow the Call Center Management Wheel. The Wheel focuses on technology; culture; recruiting and compensation; training; quality; and the management practices. It circles the key part of developing call center managers. Here is a snapshot of the wheel.

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