Two Tips To Drive Inside Sales Performance

It can be fun to convert your prospects to customers when you have a powerful direct marketing partner. You bet. The whole heart of inside sales beats around taking potential customers and turning them into happy, satisfied customers. The key to converting prospects to customers, believe it or not, stands not only with inside sales, but with your direct marketing partner. It is a cohesive, team effort.

So often, we think of inside sales as a stand-alone entity. In reality, direct marketing to support inside sales is as important as anything. So, with exceptions of course, most Friendly 86x134 Two Tips To Drive Inside Sales Performanceorganizations that have an inside sales department needs to have a complementary, scalable direct marketing department. They work as a team to nurture prospects until they become customers. Take a look at the powerful inside sales engines that enjoy success. They all have powerful, marketing engines to support their efforts.

If you have a team of 17 inside sales reps, and each rep is on the telephone right now, then your organization is only speaking to 17 prospects or leads (or customers perhaps) right now. Let’s face it; not very many opportunities to sell and convert prospects to customers, to be certain.

So, your direct marketing team as a complement to your inside sales group serves two purposes. First, they warm up calls by delivering direct mail, stories and narrative, e-marketing, web seminars, white papers, etc. That means when the inside sales team needs a marketing piece to touch dozens of prospects the team can’t call, they have those pieces at the ready. When they make a call, marketing has warmed the call-up ahead of time. Second, the direct marketing team delivers incoming prospects, calling up, to order, making the inside sales job easier to cross-sell more products. They help identify Subscribe latest posts to your inbox 300x153 Two Tips To Drive Inside Sales Performanceprospects, those people and companies who are more eager to order, and are ready to go.

Great news then. When your company is ready to convert prospects to leads, then it needs to be serious about blending your inside sales group with a direct marketing partner. Direct marketing, as a companion to inside sales, makes it easier to secure a prospect to customer. They help to engage the prospect, cultivate an interest, etc.

And, direct marketing touches so many more prospects then inside sales ever could. They make it easier to sell the new customers more products. In effect, your company, the inside sales reps, and the direct marketing departments, all win. As does the customer!

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