Inside Sales is all about your leadership so they need to stay focused

The primary reasons why inside sales reps fail are because leadership and management fail. They do not provide a reasoned roadmap that builds a strong, nurturing relationship between your inside sales department and its leads and prospects and customers. Your employees want to sell more and succeed, and they feel forgotten when management and leadership does not put in the energy to help them make it happen.

Your inside sales reps are only as passionate and motivated as its leaders. This is all behavioral. They feel that leadership is focused on managing by the numbers, so they perform by the numbers. They have goals that management enforces, and magically, inside sales reps meet or exceed those goals. They feel that leadership has a handle on training, marketing, customer needs, etc, and they, too, have that same handle. Management and leadership need to design the inside sales experience the right way.

Look first and foremost at the front-line team leaders, supervisors and managers that support your organizations inside sales growth. They need to be doing the right things, consistently, all the time. They get what they give, and their inside sales representatives will give what they get. Is there ongoing training, forever? Is there constant quality control, coaching, calibrating performance, listening to calls? Is there management by reporting? Is there a culture of contests and incentives for performing? Those are just some of the areas that make inside sales rock and roll. It begins with management. And, they can fall apart any time. When that happens, the department goes with it.

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