This One Telephone Sales Tip Can Help Your Inside Sales Team

When TSRs try to apply pace to the business of selling, they can see some ready analogies.  Before the Indy 500, there is a pace car that all the other cars follow.  This pace car keeps the flow and rhythm of the race on the correct course.  In a horse race, the excitement of watching the horses run down the stretch is assisted by the PA announcer, who provides the statuses of where the horses are in relation to the race.  Certainly, horse racing is exciting without the PA announcer, but the announcer is a critical link in establishing the pace of each race.  “DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME!!!”

Establishing pace is important for two main reasons: so the customer feels he is more a part of the presentation, and so the presentation comes off in a smooth and compelling way, enabling the TSR to more easily complete the sale.

TSRs must set the pace to their levels, but also set a comfortable pace for the customer.

If the TSR can set the pace of the telephone call, then the TSR has made a successful stab at controlling the direction of the call.  The TSR has said, “Here is the pace in which I will deliver this presentation to you.”  The customer has agreed to relinquish control.

If the TSR is unable to set the pace to his level, then it is mandatory that he set the pace to his customer’s level. Establishing a comfortable pace, no matter who controls it, is critical.  Fighting for control of the pace when the TSR can’t win is a losing proposition.  Like any good battle tactician, if the TSR is unable to win pace, then he must settle for establishing any pace he can.

TSRs have the tendency to lose sales because they get over-eager to close sales when customers aren’t quite ready.  On the other hand, when a customer speeds up the pace, it becomes foolish for the TSR to try to maintain a past consistency.  Instead, the TSR needs to find the new pace of the call and establish that consistency.

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