Listening and Hearing Drive REMARKABLE Customer Service

There is plenty of training around customer service.  It all works.  Ideas in delivering service is important.  Execution is more important.  Regardless, we could do weeks of customer service training, with all the available content.  However, doing weeks of training simply means the older days training gets forgotten much faster.  So, in many ways, the more training is not as valuable; what can matter most is the best training.

So, here’s a great primer to build amazing and remarkable customer service:

Listening is the art of verbal nods.  One word or a quick sentence from the customer service agent that conditions the client to believe that what they are saying is valuable, and builds trust and buy-in. When the customer service agent delivers verbal nods, the client feels empowered and comfortable.

“Oh right, absolutely”  (“Right….Absolutely”)

  1. “I get it, I am on it”
  2. “Yes”
  3. “Keep going”
  4. “I am here for you as long as you need”
  5. “It’s is my job to find out the answer”

Hearing is the art of understanding how to handle the client’s message.  It is the meaning behind the meaning. Recognizing their concerns and bridging the gap.  Hearing is when the customer service agent prepares the right answers or comments to the client.  When a client talks, and the response is nowhere on the same planet as what the client had said, the call has gone the wrong way.  Hearing is critical to knowing what to say next.

On each and every call, your objective is to combine verbal nods and the correct response to deliver Memorable Touches.  These are compelling, meaningful, valuable, satisfying.  (Oh, those are more buzz words to use!)

Create a message package—themes, concepts and ideas you want your clients to retain on each and every call so they experience a memorable touch

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