Some Thoughts To Convert Your Leads To Customers

How many times have you and your company conducted direct marketing campaigns and received leads that respond to that advertising?  It feels great when you have highly qualified (and sometimes, sadly, not very qualified) leads respond to your message. You know your advertising is working, and you have opportunities to add new customers to your organization.  It is exciting—and could be profitable!

Obviously, for many organizations, running advertising to drive responses to the company is the core to their business success.  It is how they get new clients and drive revenue to grow the business. They are a slave to direct response.  The key, though, rests not necessarily in the advertising, but, in what your company does after the lead arrives: Convert those leads to clients, and then, sell more, ongoing, to those clients.

This blog is all about strategies on converting that lead to a client.  That means this whitepaper is about maximizing the Return on Advertising.  It is, simply, the one thing companies do very poorly, over and over again.  They spend money on advertising, with great thought put into how to attract leads and message and placement of ads—then fail to aggressively work the leads that come in the door, stinting their return on advertising investment.  It is common, your company is not the only one, with so much time and money spent on the front-end, and little thought on what will happen after-media.

And, sometimes, organizations, and many, have been known to terminate their advertising consultants because they, the organization, are not gaining enough customers from the ad campaigns.  Silly, because, sometimes, the ad campaigns may be perfectly fine.  It is what happens after the lead contacts the organization that pales.

Many times, it is not the advertising consultants fault.  And, it is not about the lack of gaining customers.  Instead, it is about converting those leads into customers—and doing a better job at doing that.

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