Thoughts On Agent Involvement And Feedback In The Call Center

Building effective feedback programs in the call center is the ultimate tasks for a call center manager. Ask questions, use answers to motivate, and construct channels of communication that employees actually use.  Managers who recognize the right techniques to building feedback, and those who understand the relationship between human nature and their agents, are well on their way to success. Those managers perceive under which circumstances certain agents will open up and communicate. They visualize circumstances in which the more reluctant agents will participate. Through this recognition, effective management builds feedback opportunities to meet the needs of every class of agents. Feedback programs work best when agents want them to work, and are compelled to contribute.

The agents most eager to provide feedback don’t always have the most to say. They petition to talk with management just to be seen, and may have little to contribute. They may feel lonely or ignored, and want to communicate primarily for face time with management. Imagine a feedback room filled with these “needy” agents, each one fighting for attention. How much feedback can be garnered and analyzed this way? How constructive would a meeting like this be? Is this the only feedback management should be gathering?

Conversely, those less interested in communicating may have plenty to contribute, but don’t see the channels to do so. The expected quality of and the opportunity to provide  feedback should not be determined by the willingness to do so. Some agents choose to communicate only when exceedingly motivated. You may have a few quiet agents who keep to themselves until given an opportunity to share their thoughts. Isn’t it funny how some of the best ideas come from agents least eager to join in?

Here are some questions to ask as it relates to your call center:

Might a group of introverted agents provide a successful group discussion?

  • Should feedback be initiated with agents who don’t appear willing to provide it?
  • Do we want a mixture of participants who are eager and those hesitant to provide feedback?

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