Do You Value The Opinions Of Your Contact Center Agents

Have you ever sat in a room and watched the dynamic of a group of agents in progress? Speech is the communication of choice. People can talk! If management takes the necessary steps, the call center and its employees have the ability to become a wonderland of communication culture.

Here is a simple analogy to consider. Creative minds in our society have made something as simple as a sporting event a very entertaining evening of fun and excitement. (Remember when the Super Bowl was simply considered just another game?) Today, the Super Bowl is a passionate, emotional, constructive bundle of communication culture. In addition, in the world of advertising, unique minds have taken the simplicity of a television commercial and turned the way messages are delivered upside down. Advertising has taken us from sales pitches in the 1960′s and 1970′s to unusual sales stories today. Commercial advertising today begins with stories, not sales pitches. In Southern California, Jack-in-the-Box has ongoing stories about “Jack” and his “jack balls”. These stories are entertaining, visually pleasing and fun. The 10-20 commercials about “Jack” and his “jack balls” have become a fantastic staple of television advertising. The question is simple: Why can’t call center managers bring the creativity of stories, messaging and symbols to the call center? The answer is that they can!

The best call center executives can take a page from these examples to build their own truly dynamic world. Through passionate communication culture, executives can make their call centers the super bowls of operations. They can turn daily operations into daily stories. Management must make the commitment to perform above and beyond the norms of creativity. They must see the potential that exists to boost performance objectives, and to boost agent opportunities. Agents will break records in call centers when management recognizes that call center performance is cultivated through superior communication channels which involve agents and their opinions. If you want your performance to improve, it means spending time in development and implementation in order to form superior communication channels. Channels may include meetings, one-on-one encounters, newsletters, voice mail, e-mail, letters, etc. Agents will exceed goals in every measurable area when management recognizes that they must establish a culture in the call center that emphasizes agent input and opportunities.

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