Your leads will buy on the 8th touch. So, why did you stop on the 4th?

It is one of the first questions you have to ask about the genesis and the philosophies in your inside sales group. How many times do you touch your leads? Do they give your business any recall whatsoever?

People do order products from you, for sure. However, sometimes it simply takes them more time to do so. They may even want to order today, however, they need a prod or RUPS Photo Your leads will buy on the 8th touch. So, why did you stop on the 4th?push to do so. If the key to convincing a lead to buy is touching them enough times so they understand your offer, why do so many inside sales groups stop the process and give-up trying? It leads to a simple dilemma when we stop trying. The lead does one of two things. First, moves on, never to order a product they really need or want. Two, find it, buy it, from someone else.

Your inside sales department must touch each lead multiple times. Is that a core element to your philosophy right now? But, they do not need to touch each lead via the telephone. Is your company using other channels? It is not logistically possible or profitable to touch each lead eight times via telephone while not being able to touch other leads or prospects that warrant greater telephone attention. So, your inside sales department needs an innovative “touch program” to collaborate with the telephone to drive multiple touches, and convert leads to prospects so they can become customers.

That begins first and foremost with CRM. Today’s world has so many groovy, truly intense CRM packages that are simple to work yet so effective to manage the relationship between your organization and your leads. CRM is the engine console. It tells you whom to call, when, and what to say. It also pushes information to your leads regardless of whether the inside sales representative is controlling that process. So, in effect, your leads will get touched eight times. Maybe three times by telephone, and five times from channels being driven by your CRM. CRM rocks!

Every inside sales department needs a phenomenal CRM. We are speaking about a CRM that can both handle your call volumes and segment traffic; and provide reporting, analytics, and campaign management. Inside sales departments, and its team members, such as customer care and direct marketing, will benefit greatly from a CRM that drives your bus. And, you have to use it, right. Don’t buy a CRM and toss it. Make it valuable. Today’s inside sales departments can not live without one. And, those that do fail to compete vs. very skilled competitors.

In addition to CRM, the key to converting leads to prospects and then customers is to give them memorable touches. For instance, if your organization does a monthly web seminar for all its leads, then those that attend become warm prospects for your inside sales group to follow-up with.

All of a sudden, hundreds of random leads in your database become more valuable then random—they have meaning because they have proactively reached out and built a relationship with your company by attending a web seminar. They attended a web seminar, learned about your business, perhaps even won a gift drawing or two. The principle here is to collaborate—inside sales, marketing, CRM, and innovative events that draw an engaged lead to your company. These innovative events can be contests; white papers; web seminars; or other events. It is about building and telling a narrative and story that compels action.

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