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Is your inside sales group falling a bit flat? It happens all the time. In fact, while inside sales can become so creative, dynamic, and profitable for companies, most organizations and its leadership feels their inside sales group simply isn’t humming as it should. And, they know it can become so very, very different.Great Call Center Manager cover Build An Amazing Inside Sales Center

Perhaps your representatives have the desire to receive inbound calls, those are always easy—but maybe they are not so motivated to make the outbound dial. And, of course, when you make the outbound dial, you simply lose an opportunity to receive a warmer, inbound call, right? Or, are the agents simply burned out trying to sell—so they cherry pick the data, choosing only the leads they want to deal with and literally forgetting about all the rest? When that happens, your investment, as a leader or manager in your company, gets wasted. All those leads calling in or being called, many of which will order products from you if you stayed with them. But, alas, your representatives work the hot leads, disregard the rest, and your investment and opportunity for growth is stymied.

We can go on, endlessly, on the trials that inside sales departments face. The CRM isn’t being used well; the reps have a poor compensation plan; management is not supervising its people, therefore, its people really are not focused on the job; direct marketing support is missing: Inside Sales, erroneously, is all about the telephone, but maybe it should encompass more then the telephone, such as direct mail and email and more innovative programs to drive customer behavior; our inside sales group needs to, as we mentioned before, follow-up on every lead, not just the warm ones, over and over again; we don’t have the training to cross-sell. The challenges do go forever.

So, is there a solution? Well, there are tried and trued solutions that work. The wheel has been created and implemented in hundreds of organizations of all shapes and sizes. Their inside sales departments have a plan; inventiveness, infrastructure, and tons of profitable sales. Their reps perform. Their sales skyrocket. So, in many ways, there is no need to worry about inside sales in your company. The mold has been created.

So, here is a key program to think about as you move forward reorganizing your inside Subscribe latest posts to your inbox 300x153 Build An Amazing Inside Sales Centersales department, or building your new one. This is just the tip-of-the-ice berg; there are so many more elements. But, alas, this is a white paper, and space is limited. So sit back, relax, grab a pen, and begin the brainstorm with us. This is just the beginning of what organizations do to create superlative and profitable inside sales departments.

Lesson 1

You must always be cross-selling. Your growth to more profits and sales is through Recurring Revenue per Customer (RRPC). Look at cable television. They make a bit on the core box, basic cable. They make a-lot more on taking a valued customer and selling them premium channels. The customer has committed to your organization by buying something. So, now, develop an engaging relationship and sell them more.

So often, customers do not know all the other products you offer. They may know they bought containers from you, but, they do not know you sell caps, too. They may know they bought toner supplies from you, but do not realize you sell printers or maintenance kits as well. They may have bought medical alarms for their home from you without realizing you offer smoke detector sensors, too.

Companies lose millions of dollars by not cross selling products well. And, they lose millions of customers, too. It is simple. Over time, if a customer is not engaged with your organization, then they may become engaged with other organizations, your competitors. So, cross-selling serves two purposes. First, sell more products, make more money. Second, build a sustainable, nurturing relationship with your customer. Engage them in your company.

Remember-your customers have no idea what other products you offer.

How can you do the cross-sell most efficiently? It takes dozens of programs and thought strategies and roadmaps. But, here is a tip, simple and concise: Each month, plan on offering two or three products (special, cross sell), on every call. These products have specials attached to them, discounts or incentives for the buyer to act. Put these specials on your web site, on paper, via email, and in the phone script. Ask your direct marketing partner to help you “spread the word”. Ensure your representatives, when appropriate, offer these products. Simply, ASK.

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