The Magic Of Call Monitoring Checklists

Most managers enjoy delivering monitoring checklists to agents.  Obviously, it encourages managers to spend one-on-one time with the agents, and that extremely valuable form of communication cannot be overrated. There are many times when managers don’t want to spend valuable time sitting down with an agent to talk about their telephone skills. RUPS Photo 99x150 The Magic Of Call Monitoring ChecklistsHowever, it so happens that each time managers perform a monitoring checklist and sit down with a particular employee, valuable time became much less important to the manager, and much more of a value to that agent.

The majority of your telephone agents truly relish monitoring checklists, even if they will not admit so.  They want feedback on what they do well, and they need feedback on what they can be doing better to find more success.  Certainly, there are a few telephone agents who will wish they never had the manager pull up a chair and deliver a monitoring checklist, but that is natural in any field of business, and those agents have valid reasons for feeling that way.  But by and large, agents cry out for monitoring checklists.  They are the “touch-and-feel” of the relationship between manager and agent.

¨     They force the manager to spend one-on-one time with the agents.

¨     They demonstrate to the agents that management wants to help improve their performance.

¨     Monitoring Checklists can be used to track performance standards over an extended period, and should be filed to help administer with performance reviews.

¨     They allow agents to provide feedback about anything on their minds that they otherwise might not willingly come forward to address.

Subscribe latest posts to your inbox 150x76 The Magic Of Call Monitoring Checklists¨     Monitoring Checklists allow management to gauge areas of improvement in telephone presentations.

¨     Monitoring Checklists allow management to recognize superior performance.

¨     Monitoring Checklists allow management to train agents in a focused setting.

¨     Monitoring Checklists assist third parties, such as the client or executive personnel, to observe the performance of agents.

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