Want Inside Sales Success? A Simple Step Revolutionizes Your Inside Sales Results

Is your inside sales group falling a bit flat? It happens all the time. Sales might be up but your total revenue or average order value might be slumping. Inside Sales can be tricky. There are many variables to consider.

What is a quick way to drive numbers? Add recurring revenue, lift the average order value and increase your revenue! Don’t lose focus on cross-selling! Your growth to profits and RUPS Photo 99x150 Want Inside Sales Success? A Simple Step Revolutionizes Your Inside Sales Resultssales is through Recurring Revenue per Customer (RRPC) and Average Order Value (AOV). So much transformation will happen when your customer buys a couple more products from your company.

You must always be cross-selling. Management often-times forgets about RRPC and AOV. They become focused on selling the main product. And they forget to ask their inside sales team member to sell more. Look at cable television. They make a bit on the core box, basic cable. They make a-lot more on taking a valued customer and selling them premium channels. The customer has committed to your organization by buying something. Look at medical products. Buying the unit just is not enough. Maybe the customer requires a mask; or an insurance plan; or more batteries.

So often, customers do not know all the other products you offer. They may know they Subscribe latest posts to your inbox 300x153 Want Inside Sales Success? A Simple Step Revolutionizes Your Inside Sales Resultsbought containers from you, but, they do not know you sell caps, too. They may know they bought toner supplies from you, but do not realize you sell printers or maintenance kits as well, or even insurance plans. They may have bought medical alarms for their home from you without realizing you offer smoke detector sensors, too.

Companies lose millions of dollars by not cross selling products and keeping an AOV and RRPC goal in place. And, they lose millions of customers, too. It is simple. Over time, if a customer is not engaged with your organization, then they may become engaged with other organizations, your competitors. So, cross-selling serves two purposes. First, sell more products, make more money. Second, build a sustainable, nurturing relationship with your customer. Engage them in your company.

Remember-your customers have no idea what other products you offer. And keep your eyes on the average order value and the recurring revenue per customer. Raise those numbers and your spreadsheet will pop!

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