Call Center Agents Want Call Center Rules Which Make Sense

Call Center Agents Want Rules That Make Sense.

It is almost instinctual for parents to give their children’s questions the easy answer: “Because I’m your parent and I said so.” For a child, this hopeless answer may suffice and give a clear message that you are in charge and they must respect that because nothing else matters. However, you want your team of intelligent agents to respect you. Therefore, if you are making an important change in rules, procedures or expectations, you should communicate your rationale for ordering such change. You want your whole team on board and ready to participate. Challenges in the ranks can be messy, especially on a call center floor where you need everyone operating at top performance all the time. Sometimes it’s not that agents are antagonistic: it’s just that they don’t understand how the new procedures will benefit the call center or how the decision was reached.

Ideally, managers will run anticipated changes by member of the call center team and take suggestions for how to improve processes and daily operations. Gaining feedback before making decisions that affect the entire call center is a great way to emphasize honest, healthy communication culture. Many times, the front-line agents have the best ideas for how to improve call center efficiency; it’s just that no one is listening.

Call Center Agents Desire Consistent Rules.

Agents desire rules in writing that maintain consistency.  Many call centers wind up running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Some call centers change the same rule over and over again, hoping to eventually arrive at the right formula. It does the team no good to implore, “What is today’s edict on this rule?” Inconsistency, with regard to the rules and regulations of a game, breeds poor players.  Can you imagine a basketball player who doesn’t know whether a 3-point shot will actually count for 3 points?  Or, a baseball player who doesn’t realize that for this week only, there are four outs in an inning?

With consistency, agents become more confident in their abilities to follow rules and complete their jobs to the best of their abilities. If the rules are constantly changing, they begin to feel insecure and uncertain about the goals, expectations and tasks before them. Over time, this insecurity and uncertainty bleeds out into the same feelings about the job itself. Why are they working somewhere that is always changing the rules and making it impossible for them to succeed, grow and become proficient?

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