Create Call Center Discipline By Enforcing Call Center Rules

Agents Desire Rules That Are Enforced.

In many cases, policies and procedures are words with no foundation.  Veteran agents have probably worked for call centers that had comprehensive rules for every issue, until it came time to enforce those issues.  Then, management subjectivity came into play.  A consensus among agents is that they respect rules that are enforced, even when the rule goes against them.  “As long as it works both ways, I am fine with it” is a common saying.

Agents desire their call center to be “fair”.  This is another subjective wish, but certainly one that holds validity.  What does “fair” mean to the agent?  Usually, it revolves around making decisions involving two or more agents.  In many roundtables, agents will speak of how they left organizations because management wasn’t fair to agents as a whole, or played favorites with one agent over another.

Creating Discipline in the Call Center Means The Following:

1. A balance between discipline and flexibility works best in the workplace.

2. Empathy can go a long way, when it comes to understanding agents’ schedules.

3. Rules must be clear and easy-to-understand.

4. These rules must also be communicated across channels.

5. Be approachable to take questions once the orders have been issues.

6. Taking time to explain the rationale behind rules can go a long way.

7. Supervisors should ask agents for their input before implementing major decisions.

8. Inconsistency breeds poor players, so create effective rules and keep them.

9. Enforce the rules, without exception.

10. Never play favorites with agents. Rules are rules.

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