How To Drive Creativity In Your Contact Center

A culture of communication fosters creativity and creates rewards for agents.

Management must view the call center as more than just a place to do business.  In our society, many corporations see their business as a place the employees should come to and go from, with the simple goal of doing work well and getting paid for it.  Few call center managers recognize the outstanding potential that exists in their environment.  A world of creativity is automatically built into the call center business.  The environment, from the seats lined up in a row to management walking around motivating, is extremely conducive to inventiveness.  Agents working on the telephone inside the office are a captive audience to a management team that must be creative and eclectic to keep them motivated.

Therefore, it is important for management to build a communication culture that embraces bells and whistles.  Management should institute games, banners and sirens.  (Literally! Playing cards, hanging signs and using bells are an appropriate form of communication in the call center.)  Because agents are captive to the telephone, they feel stifled and require their management team to be empathetic towards their feelings and the difficulties of their daily job.  Agents want attention.  They want to know that their hard work is being noted.  Agents want contests, awards, prizes, surprises. Agents are a much more creative and articulate group of individuals than are other types of employees.  Therefore, the call center has a built-in opportunity to exploit the communication culture.  Like their agents, management must be unique.

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