The Makings of Contact Center Communication Culture

Every call center has some element of a communication culture. It may resemble a prison, a bank, a basketball arena, Disneyland. Today, when you walk on your floor, your various senses can recognize your communication culture. Your senses can be trained to be as attuned to communication culture as they are to food, body language, music, sights. The important thing to remember is that every call center does embody communication culture. Most call centers do not embody a world-class communication culture.

If you want your call center to build on the basic principles of communication culture, you might use the eleven topics below as a guide in that development:

  1. Communication Culture encourages interactions among all parties in the call center.
  2. Communication Culture balances concepts with execution.
  3. Communication Culture builds a foundation to manage difficulties and challenges.
  4. Communication Culture motivates all levels of employees to participate and transact in every facet of operations.
  5. Communication Culture creates and sustains a cheerful and creative atmosphere for all levels of employees.
  6. Communication Culture builds retention by ensuring the call center is a place employees want to be.
  7. Communication Culture promotes residual training, cross-training, multi-dimensional jobs, and career growth.
  8. Communication Culture incorporates a set of values, not a train of words.
  9. Communication Culture establishes the structure that impacts performance.
  10. Communication Culture continually revisits its goals, and is not afraid to reinvent itself.
  11. Communication Culture employs a management staff that “gets it”.

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