Elements To Creating A Fantastic Call Center Communication Culture

How Best To Create a Communication Culture

  1. Build a communication culture by holding regular meetings with employees.
  2. Show your workers that you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and get work done.
  3. Spend 25% of your time pondering the job and deciding upon a plan.
  4. Spend 75% of your time taking action and managing front line agents.
  5. Invite management to stop by your office with questions or concerns.
  6. Clearly outline your operating principles so there are no gray areas.
  7. Create clear and succinct goals to keep your agents on-task and motivated.
  8. Ask your agents questions such as how the day is going or if they have any suggestions.
  9. Condition your agents by keeping a predictable schedule.
  10. Build relationships with all levels of employees.
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