How To Add Enthusiasm In Your Contact Center

In general, the workplace is in a sad state of affairs because we place work before life. Executives forget that agents don’t just come to work-they go to a second home (or in some cases, a first home).  Many may not make the most money in the call center. Many may not have the best professional or educational background.  Yet, all good agents own a passion, understanding and commitment to their call center as valuable as your own.  The culture that management establishes may include the creation of management development teams or weekly contests and awards. Above all else, however, the commitment to create a fantastic communication culture begins with those at the top. Naturally, a communication culture leads to better job satisfaction, increased productivity and better efficiency.

Lesson 1

Assess your call center’s current communication culture.

To begin the process of creating passionate communication culture, take a moment and answer the following questions.  Each question centers on finding out what is working well, or poorly, within your communication culture.  The purpose of these questions is to get you to think about and understand the core of your communication culture.  As you acknowledge each question, step away from providing the easy answers to the simple problems you can see and touch each day.  Those solutions and challenges are easy.  Instead, search for answers that provide meaning and are creative.  Attempt to create answers that go to the core of your call center.

  1. How does your management team administer operations on a daily basis?  Describe communication standards as they exist among management, their peers and their agents.
  2. How does your environment affect your call center agents?
  3. Who are the management leaders that: A) Establish and B) Implement strong communication channels on behalf of your agents?  Do they separate themselves from other management personnel?  Why?
  4. What aspects of your call center would you call world class?  Describe them and explain what is special about each one.
  5. Which areas of your call center supply agents with clear opportunities to participate?
  6. What are some of the steps management takes to promote communication between agents and management?

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