How To Make Your Call Center Supervisor Fantastic

What is it that makes management terrific in the contact center?  And, where does your contact center management fit compared to others?

To begin the process we invite you to answer these questions.  Each question centers around finding out what is working well, or poorly, within your contact center.  The purpose of these questions is to get you to think about and understand the core of your contact center.  As you acknowledge each question step away from providing easy answers to the simple problems you can see and touch each day.  Instead, search for answers that provide meaning and are creative.  Attempt to create answers that go to the core of your contact center.

  1. How does your management team administer operations on a daily basis?
  2. Describe communication standards as they exist among management, their peers and their agents.
  3. How does your environment affect your call center agents?Who are the management leaders that 1) Establish and 2) Implement strong communication channels on behalf of your agents?  Do they separate themselves from other management personnel?  Why?
  4. What aspects of your call center would you call world class?  Describe them and explain what is special about each one.
  5. Does your management supply agents with opportunities to participate?
  6. What are some of the steps management takes to promote communication between agents and management?
  7. How often do agents participate in decisions?
  8. When was the last time your center attempted to build a new culture?  What was the result?

As you observe the operation of your contact center, watch your managers and administrative staff as they conduct their daily duties. Have you ever noticed that most of their work centers within one another?

Those managers, literally and symbolically, are not creating a culture that will ensure success. If you were to take your supervisors and administrative staff aside and ask them what their jobs are, chances are that not one would answer that their jobs are to create a tremendous contact center on behalf of their agents.  People don’t think that way!

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