Super Learning Idea #5

How to Take Concepts and Bring them to LIVE in your Call Center

We founded a program based on the following idea:

Desire + Concept = Implementation

Call Center management has to have an interest, build the platform and execute. Here’s what we advise your management team to do right away:

  1. Desire must exist for a concept to materialize. Yet if managers, supervisors and agents don’t have initiative, nothing is going to happen. So the desire to build a great call center and a concept of how a great call center operates don’t get off the ground without collaborative initiative.
  2. Call center managers have a desire to create something better than what currently exists.
  3. In our experience, most management teams lack the correct concepts to create the best call center possible. We’ve found that agents, when allowed to be creative problem solvers often come up with the best concepts for improvement and design.
  4. A lot of great programs don’t get off the ground or implemented well because of a lack of initiative. The implementation stage offers the most challenges, anyone can come up with good ideas, and most everyone desires to improve their performance or grow their paycheck, but the building of a powerful contact center generally dies because the initiative to make it happen wilts. We have found that the inability to maintain initiative is the foremost reason why call centers fail to create a performance-based communication culture.

What to do? What to do? We encourage you to blend desire + concept = implementation.

  1. Find up to 5 initiatives that need completion
  2. Spec out how to complete them, from A-Z, the entire concept from idea to execution
  3. Rally the troops, find the champions for each initiative, the people who won’t rest until it’s done
  4. Implement the program based on an end-goal timeline.

For more on this topic, read our new white paper “Take Concepts and Bring Them to Life in your Call Center”.

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