YIKES! Is that what our agents think about working here?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 commonly-held opinions agents have about their employers. This is based on our work, nationwide, and you can probably add a few doozies yourself. Let’s explore the list together and then we will offer proven suggestions to help you do something about it!

Call Center Agents

  1. Recognize that first-level supervisors have little decision-making capability.
  2. Expect their compensation to change for the worse.
  3. Desire a comfortable, appealing workspace
  4. Want to work somewhere that has a proven track record
  5. Want growth and adaptability
  6. Want fair resolutions to disagreements
  7. Want ongoing, high quality training
  8. Hope their managers will act prudently, not just react to situations
  9. Want fair, empathic managers

What you can do about it

  1. Create committees or teams to address agents’ concerns. Volunteer-based training teams, compensation teams, and quality scores teams will help surface issues and ensure communication.
  2. Encourage and create a communication process for agents to express their concerns or offer suggestions. Use web-forms and anonymous email addresses to solicit comments and feedback. Just because you ask for feedback and suggestions doesn’t mean you’re going to act on every suggestion. Make sure your people understand that. But truly listening to people and keeping your finger on the pulse goes a long way toward employee engagement.
  3. Use focus groups and roundtables to dig deeper into subjects that require attention. Invite selected agents to meet and talk; give them a forum.
  4. Do surveys. Use the web and traditional survey formats to get inside your agents’ heads. You need to know what they’re thinking and feeling.
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