How To Build Spectacular Agents And Results In Outbound Telephone Selling

For those of us who really like the call center, and respect the agents and customers we call, outbound telephone sales is magical.  Whether B-C or B-B, it is terrific to help customers reach their goals.  And, when done well, the telephone can become an organized, nurturing and warm experience for customers and agents.

The process, of course, starts with the management team.  So below, Call Center Today has compiled the key avenues that managers need to explore in order to craft the right outbound telephone strategy.  In turn, these are the programs which makes agents spectacular in outbound telephone selling.  For decades, business has been initiated, fostered, even completed, on the telephone.  Here are keys from the call center managers side of things – how the call center managers need to approach the process.

1.   Scripting

2.  Sales / Service Effectiveness Training

3.  Influence from Team Managers – Perception of Accomplishment

4.  The Strategy to Outbound:  Hunters and Nurturers 

5.  The Learning Academy

6.  Compensation Plan  

7.  Understanding Data and the audience

8.  Developing a touch program to manage customers and prospects more efficiently

9.  The quality program – understanding customer and agent behaviors and training to improve

10.  Hiring the right agents and on-boarding them well

On-going blog postings will profile each of these 10 programs.  Imagine that each program is a “bucket” all its own.  And in the bucket are dozens of platforms, programs, training modules, ideas, and benchmarks to make that program in the bucket successful. In particular, how you hire agents, manage them, train them and teach call center agents to enjoy the relationship with customers in the outbound sales environment is critical. It is as much about the process of engagement on the phone as it is about the process of completing a telephone sales.

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