The Top Call Center Training Mistake

call center The Top Call Center Training MistakeWhen I present a new training program, I first explore extensively the challenges of technology, because I want new agents to recognize their own thought patterns and fears.  I encourage them not to be afraid of technology, because technology exists to assist agents in their daily jobs.

I remind them that technology is a learned skill and reiterate that if management wanted technically proficient artists, they would have hired from the IT or MIS departments. I stress that agents have the tendency to panic over the challenges of technology, thereby failing to learn the programs at hand.

After I have explained the technological basics to my agents, and provided them with a reference manual regarding these tools, I then advise them to concentrate on the other, more important aspects of the job.

All managers should spend some time, on the first day of training, reviewing and summarizing the technology to be used in the call center environment. To fail to do so is to leave agents in a state of paralysis.  However, managers must always remember to never lose sight of the skills that actually lead to success on the telephone. Use your technology.  Cultivate your human capital. Human Capital is the reason call center agents have been hired in the first place.

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