Make It Fun

661751533 2401fd4756 m Make It FunTo give your call center a Disney-like atmosphere, make it fun. Cast members love working for Disney not because their hours, their pay, or every little aspect of their jobs is perfect — but rather, because it’s fun. The costumes, the cheery atmosphere, the song and dance are all in a day’s work. Fun is contagious, so be sure to spread enthusiasm across your call center floor by creating ongoing activities that your agents will enjoy.

This might mean installing games and improved snack machines in the break-room. It might mean giving employees a few extra perks. It might mean running internal contests with themes, costumes, goals and prizes. It might mean recognizing your top employees in a quirky awards ceremony. Call centers need not be places of drudgery. You will stand out among your competitors, get more revenue, and retain more workers when you promote an atmosphere of fun.

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