Supervisors Should Be Seen, Not Heard

sss060923LARGE Supervisors Should Be Seen, Not HeardAnother example of turning your call center into a Disneyland, and hence a communication stage, involves being seen and not heard. I do promote the concept that to motivate their agents, supervisors should be seen and not heard.

That is what Disneyland employees do.  They are always walking around, doing their jobs, always seen by guests.  They never interrupt a conversation or communicate their points unless required to do so.  They exist to assist, not to manipulate.

Side story.  I was talking to a hotel employee and he was telling me his hotel had been debating two schools of thought.  First theory: that every guest should be talked to, greeted, welcomed, and queried each time he or she set foot within a lobby.  Second theory: that all employees should be available but not bothersome to the guests, so as not to get in the way.

As you might imagine, I proposed a third school of thought.  How about finding ways to ensure that the guest recognizes the employees are available without the employees getting in the guest’s way…..hmmmm.  Think creatively.  This is exactly what they do at Disneyland.  The security guards, for instance, are all dressed in various cast costumes.  Guests recognize they are there, but they are not called upon unless needed.

Always remember supervisors should be seen and not heard.  Supervisors should think creatively.  Supervisors should find ways to communicate their availability without getting in the way.  Supervisors should be around.

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