Model Your Contact Center After Disneyland

mickey minnie disneyland small Model Your Contact Center After DisneylandIf you desire a world class culture, pause and imagine the environment of Disneyland.  Incorporate many of the traits that make Disneyland special into your own professional work environment. At first glance, you may think I’m fuzzy in the brain to equate Disneyland and call centers. Disneyland is a fantasy theme park that promotes fun and escapism, while the call center is a reality-based work environment that normally promotes a daily grind of some form of capitalism. That’s all somewhat true, but bear with me. The same principles that make the culture of Disneyland so successful can provide call center management with building blocks to build an equally successful operation.

Get Zany! When management becomes Goofy, Mickey and Donald in the call center, management brings to their agents the reasons to be successful.  Those three images, and others like them, present messages to theme park visitors, and call center agents, on how to observe the theme park and call center.  Unlike other sales departments, or other departments in a company, the call center presents a first-rate opportunity to be zany.

Make It Fun! A call center can be a Disneyland if call center management desires to make it a Disneyland for their agents! The supervisors who strive to make their call center more like a Disneyland WIN day in and day out, because their agents WIN day in and day out.  Those creative, unique, off the top call centers that search for ways to be more like “the happiest place on earth” are the ones that break records all of the time.  Disneyland is only Disneyland because senior management chooses to make it the way it is.  Your call center will become the exact way you choose it to become.

A call center can be a Disneyland.

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