Is Your Call Center Foundation Solid Enough?

white house Is Your Call Center Foundation Solid Enough?Take a moment and think about your call center, its departments and its employees as they are today. Do they live, breathe and promote the vision of your company each day?

Review your vision for your business.  Do your employees even know what it is, and do they see in real terms how they can make a difference in promoting that vision?  Is there a call center vision?

Most cognitively, analyze the foundation of your department, the organization and opportunities that live in your call center, and the written and verbal communications that provide support.  Do they make sense?  Is there a structure that falls into place?  Is there a pattern that leads all employees to successful venues?  Is there a system to the madness?

Is there a foundation? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no”, review the following three simple results that a Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights can bring to your call center…

Ask yourself if your call center needs to make headway in any of these areas…

1.                 Do you need greater organization, vision and direction in your call center? Management doesn’t make an impact when all they do is verbalize changes. History taught that our founding fathers didn’t just create a country.  They created a system that rules the country. These two documents will provide the basis so that management and agents may join forces and create a more perfect call center that will ensure that company objectives are met.

2.                 Do you need a whole new climate of energy in the call center? Agents and supervisors will want to be on teams in order to contribute to a new world. Other departments will ask for copies of what is being done so they may mimic the call center, and they will ask for notes after any meeting so they may obtain a working guide.  In short, an energy, buzz, excitement and purpose will take shape in the call center. People will become excited about the potential for a new operating structure. They also will become excited because they can be a part of the process of implementing a new operating structure.  The energy and focus in the company during this developmental process will be unprecedented.  Employees will feel that they are contributing to their own success.  Involvement will spread like wildfire.

3.                 Do you need to increase results and dramatically improve production? Implement a culture of superior management and motivation where supervisors stop agent turnover and provide a guide that every employee can use for years to come.

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