3 Ways to Recreate Call Centers, Using History

There are a few principles I use when creating, or recreating, call centers.

gov tree3 3 Ways to Recreate Call Centers, Using History1. Create a solid foundation. The founding fathers succeeded in creating the United States because they began with a solid foundation.  If a government is formed on a shaky foundation, history tells us that coups, military takeovers and political instability make that country a terrifying land in which to live.  I figure that call centers must function under the same general philosophy.

A solid foundation must be established before any other task begins.  In the first ten years of the former Soviet Union, democracy struggled because the political leaders could not agree on a basic operating philosophy.  Crime became outrageous.  Freedoms, while implied, were curbed.  The legislative branches of government (Congress) and executive branch (President) were never able to agree on the principles that could guide the country.

2. Create organizations & opportunities. I have learned through studying our founding fathers that they took the initiative to provide proper organization and opportunities to their citizens, through their solid foundation.  When governments present themselves as working for their people, people give their governments the support to keep moving forward.  Through the channels of elections, referendums, town meetings and general consensus, those that do for those who need have the chance to continue to do. I have come to the conclusion that call centers can function the same way for their employees.  Those call centers that make it a point of creating a strong operations base and a tremendous environment on behalf of their employees are usually the call centers that reap the rewards.

3. Create communication channels. I discovered that our founding fathers created a solid working government because citizens are able to view clearly, through verbal communication and written documentation, the channels of organization and opportunity that have given them incentive to do better.  When citizens see the vision, the vision becomes a reality.  I feel it is paramount that this same philosophy transcends to the call center world as well.

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