Useless Agents, Authority-Challengers, Super-Achievers & Energizers

office space 06 full1 Useless Agents, Authority Challengers, Super Achievers & EnergizersThe “Why Did We Hire This Person” Agent

Every management team has a list of agents who are on the “why did we hire this person list”.

The agent may not show up to work on time, or may be painfully non-qualified for the role.

In new hire training, the agent may lack simple communication skills, or even fall asleep in class.

On the floor, the agent may contribute nothing, in any arena, to the call center.

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fotolia 4333266 XS Useless Agents, Authority Challengers, Super Achievers & EnergizersThe Authority-Challenging Agent

This is a supervisor’s worst nightmare.  The authority-challenging agent is a sub-set of the high maintenance agent.  However, the authority-challenging agent doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  They always believe their actions or ideas are worthy of full implementation.  They spend time pitting one supervisor against another, and one supervisor’s decisions against his boss’ decisions.  Authority-Challenging agents want to know why.  They continually look for avenues to find a path to get their own way. They pit peers and management against one another for their own good.

The Super Achiever Agent

This agent is a spectacular employee who does everything well.  These don’t come around very often.

1e16d0d1 8811 4518 8788 efc554a37f0b detail Useless Agents, Authority Challengers, Super Achievers & EnergizersThe Energizer Agent

This agent has a high energy level that contributes enormously to the culture of the call center.  The energizer agent is a doer who cares about his position and the position of the company.  They are the agents who volunteer to go shopping for food or contest prizes if necessary.  They may spend hours after work designing programs to help the call center succeed.

Once management has identified what human classification each agent falls within, management can better supervise employees. For instance, when agent Y shows up at the supervisor’s door, the supervisor should immediately identify what different classes he falls into.  Is this a high maintenance agent with a tendency to be paranoid and attention-driven, or is this agent a low maintenance agent with consistent performance and an energizing disposition?

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