Unhappy Agents, Consistent Performers & Those In-Jeopardy

unhappy employee Unhappy Agents, Consistent Performers & Those In JeopardyThe Unhappy Agent

The unhappy agent should get another job elsewhere.  Unhappy agents are almost always veterans in your call center.  They may be unhappy about not advancing, about compensation, about the way they are supervised, etc., or they may be unhappy as a way of gaining attention.  An unhappy agent can destroy a culture.  Usually, however, they bring forth most of their disappointments upon themselves.

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fotolia 1529754 XS Unhappy Agents, Consistent Performers & Those In JeopardyThe Consistent Performing Agent

The consistent performing agent is the agent that every supervisor enjoys managing.  This category is a sub-set of the low maintenance agent.  They understand the foundation of their job;  they recognize what their role is in the call center;  they always meet and exceed company objectives;  they rarely pose a problem to management without offering some sort of support or solution to the issue.  Consistent Performing agents see the big picture.  They enjoy their jobs.

LazyEmployee Unhappy Agents, Consistent Performers & Those In JeopardyThe Job-Performance-In-Jeopardy Agent

This is an agent who is on a performance development program.  Every call center has agents who are not meeting objectives.  They may still need to be talked with, or perhaps they have been spoken to and are on a performance plan.  In either case, these are the agents who can see that their careers may come to an end soon.

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