Paranoid Agents, Authority-Pleasers, and Introverts

paranoid office b2b Paranoid Agents, Authority Pleasers, and IntrovertsParanoid Agent

The paranoid agent always believes that trouble in on the horizon.  Paranoid agents spend as much time as possible fretting about the gloom and doom of myths and realities.  For example, paranoid agents tend to spread gossip and start rumors about potential layoffs, new compensation plans, management changes, product adjustments, and so forth.  Supervisors should take note that paranoid agents are the most fun to work with in the call center, because they are the easiest to manipulate!

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butt.kisser2 Paranoid Agents, Authority Pleasers, and IntrovertsAuthority-Pleasing Agent

The authority-pleasing agent is a sub-set of the high maintenance agent.  The authority-pleasing agent wants to be seen by their supervisor as often as possible.  This agent may call the supervisor four or five times in a day simply to ask questions that have no relevance, or to obtain simple answers the agent may have been able to find on her own. Authority-Pleasing agents care about how they are perceived by those in power.  They want to do the right things, and they want management to recognize they are doing the right things.

whisc 2004 9 30 introvert Paranoid Agents, Authority Pleasers, and IntrovertsAloof Agent

The aloof agent is the introvert who would not be a successful outside sales representative.  One of the reasons that agents choose inside sales over outside sales is that inside sales provide a curtain of anonymity that outside selling does not.  Aloof Agents care about doing the job well.  They don’t want to be absorbed in the machinations of call center operations.  They may participate in activities as a secondary figure, but they are more than likely to decline an invitation to join in events.

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