Categorizing Agents For Better Management

“Grouping agents by who they are and what makes them tick will only help them, and the company, have a more solid foundation.” – Dan Coen

Classify catalog Categorizing Agents For Better ManagementTo effectively communicate and motivate, supervisors must recognize that call center agents are grouped in classes.  Don’t be timid. Divide them, label them, and manage them based on who they are and what those divisions say about them. This is in no way favoritism; rather, it’s a method to help your company thrive. By acknowledging class separation in the call center, supervisors are also practicing the theories and realities of management that break records in the call center. Here is the central concept of class separation: Instead of managing people in a straight line as if they were all the same, each agent will perform better when he is supervised at his own level by a manager who understands his specific needs.

Supervisors must be realistic in recognizing that all classes of agents can’t be managed in the same way.  A call center agent with six years of experience cannot be communicated with and influenced in the same way as a new agent with less than six months on the job. When managing a group of agents on a daily basis, supervisors must know which ones to motivate, which ones to communicate with, which ones to perform monitoring checklists with, and which ones to have private conferences with. This week we’ll take a deeper look at the different classes of agents in a call center.

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