Is Your Call Center Competitive Enough?

opportunity boulevard1 Is Your Call Center Competitive Enough?Call Centers must exceed the competition.  In some cities, call centers face fierce competition for employees.  Agents hop around from company to company at the same pace as blackjack dealers move about in Las Vegas.  Many agents move around for better pay, but not all.

In most surveys about call center agents, more pay has never been the number one factor in job switching.  A better place to work has been at or near the top.  Pay is usually an addendum to that, but not the sole reason why agents job hop.

Above all else, the call center must provide growth and adaptability if you want to retain agents.  Some call center agents want to try something new and leave companies that have zero growth.  Other agents relish their positions, but would like to contribute more.  Agents look for call centers that treat the employee better.  The question you may have is:  “Better than whom?”  That answer is irrelevant.  Agents want “better” versus the past experiences each individual has had at one time or another.

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