Condition Your Agents To Expect Something

PSP Office Info Board w card Condition Your Agents To Expect SomethingThis week we’re examining techniques and styles to greet agents everyday to improve call center culture. One way is to condition your agents to expect something as soon as they walk in the door. If all your agents walk through the door and scatter, thereby affecting the time they start on the telephones, here is the answer.  Let your agents know that every morning you will present a message in one part of your call center.  Perhaps it is in the back or front of the room, in the far corner, or in the breakroom.  Placement is your choice.  Utilize an overhead projector or white board, or multiple projectors and whiteboards, depending on the size of your call center.

Each morning, have your supervisors guide the agents to that main spot in that certain part of the room.  Your objective is to display a valuable message that your employees either want to read every morning, or need to read every morning.  By doing so, you condition your agents to gather at the beginning of their shift, at one location.  Then your supervisors can guide them to their desks so they may start work.

Topics for your message could include yesterday’s production, today’s goals, congratulations for select high performers, service level results, contest announcements, company messages or contest winners.  In time, you will find that more and more agents will rush every morning to the same location, merely to see something they believe has value.  Management now has control over their agents.  Management can now control what their agents do next.

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